Mandarin flower assessment

Assessment by Justin Hoegenauer, Certified GanjierMandarin – Humboldt County This has a slightly concentrated Mandarin aroma, almost a dried orange, so it’s not as bright,

Everyone Smokes - BOLO RUNTZ
Flower Reviews

Everyone Smokes – BOLO RUNTZ

Budgasm’s weekly FCP sessions in Santa Monica have allowed me the pleasure to meet so many passionate people, and come in contact with some amazing

Flower Reviews

Trichstarz – Sour Diesel

Genetics: Mass Skunk x Chemdog (maybe)   Bag Appeal: Undoubtedly Sour Diesel and totally engulfed in Trichstarz’s prized resin, this is some very special flower. The

Flower Reviews

Dont Pvnic – Fruit Zoops

Genetics: Speaker Knockerz x Bebesita Bag Appeal: Fruit Zoops has a striking quality where the violet and green tones of the nugs blend into a

Flower Reviews

Sherpa Seeds – BTY OG

Genetics: Unknown (OG Kush pheno) Bag Appeal: BTY OG from Sherpa Seeds is gorgeously foxtailed. The massive green nugs appear incredibly healthy and are caked

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