Flower Reviews

Nameless Genetics – Megawellness OG

Genetics: Unknown Bag Appeal: The Megawellness OG looks like a well-grown OG kush. Some sugar leaf is left on the outside of the bulbous nugs,

Flower Reviews

TerpStarz Genetics – Honey Banana

Genetics: Strawberry Banana x Honey Boo Boo   Bag Appeal: The Honey Banana has a polarizing look. On one hand, I’ve had multiple legacy growers tell

Flower Reviews

Smoke Sour – Sour Diesel (Skunktek Cut)

Genetics: Mass Skunk x Chemdog (Maybe)    Bag Appeal: All I could think about when I first saw the Skunktek or “Tek” cut of Sour Diesel

Flower Reviews

Khash Treemason – Cookie Dough

Genetics: Thin Mint Cookies s1 (2009) Bag Appeal: The Cookie Dough from Khash is legendary as it is notorious and I haven’t been this anxious

Flower Reviews

Khash Treemason – GMA’s Cookies

Genetics: Thin Mint x Platinum OG (maybe) Bag Appeal: The GMA’s Cookies from Khash Treemason looks like the platonic ideal of the chemotype that has

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