Foundations of Craft Cannabis at Home

The home growers guide to creating great craft cannabis.

Foundations of Craft Cannabis breaks down the process of planning, purchasing,  organizing,  and setting-up a small personal Indoor or Outdoor Grow.

We break everything down step by stem into short 10 min videos with easy achievable goals. Follow along with over  6 terms and 10+ hours of organized content, or jump into specifics subjects from pest prevention, seed selection, harvesting, and processing your cannabis. Get growing with us today!

About Instructor


A life long Chef, London’s passion for flavor is only matched by is passion for Craft Cannabis Flower.  As Host of, “The Dank hour, people behind the plant," and The Future Cannabis Project's "Ask the Cannabis Nerd!" London also Works Behind the scenes to bring you the Future Cannabis Project Content you love such as, Garden Journeys, Fire is Fire, and a plethora of others. After 15+ years in the restaurant industry helping to train and inspire young chefs became London’s passion. This combined with a drive for unique,  and special flavor led to the resulting dive into home cultivation...  a natural progression, border lining on evolution. London has combined his life passions into the results you see today, a steward of the plant with a thirst for knowledge, and desire to share and grow with everyone around him. As he says, “Lets Grow Together!!!!” London can be found everyday  in one of his gardens exploring, and enjoying the journey that is our natural world.

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