Mandarin flower assessment

Assessment by Justin Hoegenauer, Certified Ganjier
Mandarin – Humboldt County

This has a slightly concentrated Mandarin aroma, almost a dried orange, so it’s not as bright, sweet, and acidic as a fresh orange. There are some musky and sweet notes, like Earl Grey and wicker. This batch has aged some.
Aroma – 7.7

Small, tight, light green buds with red hairs. Very spongy. Over trimmed (this also impacts the aroma) but dense trichome coverage inside. Clear, full trichome heads.
Appearance – 7.4

The dry hit is kind of orange pixie stix, just not as sweet. On the tail I almost get a Geranium, but barely. Smooth like melted butter!
Flavor – 8.2

I am thoroughly enjoying Mandarin! The flavor is right and I get all kinds of productive when I smoke it. It’s not buzzy or racy, but it gives me the focus to work on creative projects. Great jar appeal, burns slow and evenly, and leaves a light white ash. What a wonderful representation of Humboldt sungrown flower!

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