Everyone Smokes – BOLO RUNTZ

Everyone Smokes - BOLO RUNTZ

Budgasm’s weekly FCP sessions in Santa Monica have allowed me the pleasure to meet so many passionate people, and come in contact with some amazing herb. With over two decades of experience in cultivation and consulting, this rendition of BOLO runtz was masterfully done in coco under LEDS in a synorganic style by og_everyonesmokes on instagram.

Visually, a dusting of thick powdery trichomes is the first thing seen upon first opening the jar, the type of trichomes that come off on the fingertips easily. Underneath the trich coverage lies purple splattered lime and forest green nugs embedded with small dark orange pistil patches. The structure on these medium sized buds was bulbed, with a fluffy density to them.

Upon breaking the weed down the first smell in my nostrils was sweet and reminiscent of powdered sugar, the nose reminded me of the fun dip candy and the taste of the sugar stick by itself. This runtz pheno was unique and memorable from all I’ve tried as this variations smell transitioned from that sweet sugar start beginning to a heavy gelato whiff end note, both these flavors melding to create this sugary sweet yet earthy nutty smell that was quite pleasant altogether and a complex candy note. 

The taste was a mirror  of the smell, a powdery sweet candy terp , super smooth but with a bit more power and oomph in the chest than any other runtz rendition I’ve tried due  that gelato back end creating a potent body high that was felt in the back of my head, made my eyelids heavy, and made me wanna eat some snacks.  

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