Spilaryy & Winston Murdoch – Trop Cookies Mtn Cut

Genetics: GSC x Tangie

Bag Appeal: In a moment where there is a lot of ambiguity around the notion of small batch, Spilarry and Winston Murdoch are setting a wonderful example with their single source operation at the Love Compound Ranch. Their Trop Cookies has a wild jagged structure and massive nugs that range from almost white to deep eggplant, with seafoam green in between. Prominent bunches of hulking bronze pristils burst from every nug, like buddha’s hands hanging off a tree. Lively and grown in living soil with an eye towards washing, the Trop Cookie’s trichomes tower over the calyxes and cast a shadow of their own under certain light. When asked about their entirely owned and operated grow, Spilarry and Winston shared: “With the utmost respect, dedication to detail, and ingredients, the Love Compound Ranch is forever evolving – always a student of the plant and stewards of the plant and earth. We strive to express art and love through our dedication to the plant. If it’s not our headstash, there’s no stash.” This flower is beautiful enough to show your mother.

Aroma: Like a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, but somehow brighter and deeper, the Trop Cookies has a delightful and engaging smell. The aroma not only filled a room, but also filled my imagination – instantly reminding me of the 4D orange grove scene in Soarin Over California. With deep citrus complexity, the visual cues evoked a terpene rich buddha’s hand character to the nose.    

Flavor: Sugary, with a SunnyD punch, the Trop Cookies aroma translates to flavor, sidestepping any reservations I previously had around the cut. This expression got more flavorful as my joint burnt down, with a bold marmalade character. Notes of chocolate and earth come out, which balance out the sugary citrus masterfully. The effects are similarly sweet, settling mostly in my head with a dizzying goofy cloud around my thoughts. From Farm to Rig, I would recommend the Trop Cookies to almost anyone.

Rating: 9.3/10  


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