Trichstarz – Sour Diesel

Genetics: Mass Skunk x Chemdog (maybe)  

Bag Appeal: Undoubtedly Sour Diesel and totally engulfed in Trichstarz’s prized resin, this is some very special flower. The proliferation of trichomes gives the foxtailed nugs a seafoam green sheen that glistens under light. Each plump bract is fully developed with wiry orange pistils that crawl out of Sour Diesel’s angular geometry. Each sizable nug has a few stray nanners, but there are no detectable microseeds in the flower.   

Aroma: Sour Diesel from Trichstarz has a fermented, effervescent smell. Round and organic, a lactic funk radiates from the jar. When broken down, a sharp note emerges that is reminiscent of natural gas. Sour in a way that more closely resembles chevre than it does citrus, this flower from Trichstarz has an alluring and likable aroma.   

Flavor: Trichstarz’s Sour Diesel is very clear. The vigorously tart profile has distinctive Chem qualities – gassy and robust. The full-bodied smoke has a mouth-puckering sour-milk quality. Absolutely delicious, this expression of Sour Diesel has a smooth and even burn producing light and happy effects. Not as heavy as other examples of Sour that I’ve tried, this jar from Trichstarz is uplifting and functional.

Summary: Trying dried flower from established hash makers is always a crapshoot. Trichstarz is known to grow unbelievable resin, and, like many other impressive extract artists recently, they released some flower. Oftentimes, this scenario leads to an opportunity to experience terps that are predominantly reserved for hash in flower form, but Trichstarz opted for Sour Diesel, a cultivar that is tried and true in both formats.

Trichstarz’s Sour Diesel is a great expression of a tried and true profile – an earthy yogurt flavor that is really enjoyable. The lactic bite plays nicely against the creamy backbone of the smoke, which evolves into a full-bodied gas. The smoke itself is fairly smooth and pleasant on the palate. Aside from a few stray nanners, which are easy enough to pick away, Trichstarz’s Sour is an honest expression of the Sour Diesel that exists today and is a ton of fun to smoke.

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