Sol Spirit Farm – OG

Genetics: Clone Only

Bag Appeal: Grown in Trinity County under full sun, the OG from Sol Spirit Farms does look distinct from indoor flower. The nugs are more open and developed, with a calyx structure that more closely resembles the bud of an organic plant than one grown with synthetics in rockwool. While there is a considerable amount of sugar leaf present, I suppose it serves to protect the beautifully ripe trichomes beneath, which engulf each and every olive green bract.  

Aroma: One of the more pine-forward expressions of OG I’ve smelled, Sol Spirit’s OG Kush has a robust profile that also has hints of gas and lemon. The aroma is wildly similar to Pine-Sol, an often cited comparison that doesn’t hold true with more contemporary fuel-forward kush cultivars. Just as loud as indoor examples of OG I’ve encountered, this full-term flower does have a slightly plant-like smell, which I’d say is likely due to the sugar leaf.

Flavor: Rolled up, one would be hard pressed to identify that this is not indoor flower. The jar lists Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene and Pinene as the dominant terpenes, and the dry pull certainly suggests a similar bouquet. This OG somehow manages to taste fuel forward and insanely refreshing at once, with a tart peppery note that adds some sharpness to the pine-forward inhale. More uplifting than other OGs I’ve tried, this example is peaceful without being sedative.

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