Sherpa Seeds – BTY OG

Genetics: Unknown (OG Kush pheno)

Bag Appeal: BTY OG from Sherpa Seeds is gorgeously foxtailed. The massive green nugs appear incredibly healthy and are caked in massive snowy trichomes. The bud structure is distinctly kushy, where each fattened bract is coated in a slick resin. Bowed, rust-colored pistils hang from the top of each calyx, giving the brightly-colored BTY OG an almost sinister appearance.

Aroma: I hate to use this word to describe something so pleasant, but BTY OG from Sherpa Seeds smells disgusting. Like an amplified version of my earliest memories of flower, BTY OG smells gassy, rank, sour, and fresh all at once. Insanely loud, this BTY OG is very similar to Chem 91.

Flavor: Overwhelmingly gassy, this expression of BTY OG is one of the purest expressions of the petroleum terpene profile I’ve ever experienced. The velvety smoke tastes like an oil-can, distinctly bitter with very little background noise. Sherpa’s BTY OG burns beautifully and consistently provides a singular, pronounced flavor. Less inebriating than other more modern gas-forward cultivars, this expression of BTY OG feels tranquil and slightly uplifting.

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