Greasy Couture – Sherbanger 22

Genetics: Sunset Sherbert x Headbanger OG

Bag Appeal: Greasy Couture’s version of the Sherbanger 22 has less color than other exceptional batches, which I think can be partially attributed to their emphasis on flavor and a resulting acute monitoring of leaf surface temperature. Despite this, the Sherbanger 22 is beautiful, with speckles of violet against the hunter green calyxes. The substantial nugs are stacked with puffed bracts that are covered in sandy white trichomes alongside tiny bunches of amber pistils.  

Aroma: An archetypical “keeper” cut, the complexity of the Sherbanger 22 is hard to overstate. The initial aroma is somewhere between a Blue ICEE and lavender essential oil, with sherb’s trademark yeasty pinch in the background. The complexity and depth of the aroma is similar to a mulled wine. Greasy Couture grew the richest expression of Sherbanger 22 I’ve encountered and this is easily the loudest jar I currently own.

Flavor: The Sherbanger 22 tastes as good as it smells. I’m repeatedly astonished by just how good this batch tastes near the end of each joint. It’s remarkable that nature can replicate something as inorganic as a Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher, but the Sherbanger 22’s flavor is exactly that. There are sour fuel elements in the background, in addition to the floral notes present in the aroma, which all result in a heavy set of effects. The Sherbanger 22 is sedative and calming, with an expansive pressure behind my forehead. Slightly uplifting, but generally relaxing, the Sherbanger 22 from Greasy Couture is a jar I’d like to always have around.

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