Candy Coastla & Surefire Selections – Sherb Berry Push Pop

Genetics: Sherbanger x RS11

Bag Appeal: Sherb Berry Push Pop is visually dynamic flower. The slightly angular pom-pom nugs are very colorful. Each bract itself is forest green with dark purple edges. Each bud is coated in a thick but shallow frost and bunches of tangerine pistils lie flat against the surface of each bract.  

Aroma: Like a peach scone, Sherb Berry Push Pop has most of the sweet yeasted qualities of Sherb with added stone fruit depth. Minty with the slightest suggestion of lavender, the ambrosia tones are complex and satisfying.   

Flavor: Absolutely delicious, Sherb Berry Push Pop directly tastes like the progeny of her parents, with an enjoyable cooling effect from RS11 and a dark blueberry tone from Sherbanger. The backbone of the flavor is a doughy richness typical of Sherb – with a bit of ambient funk. Despite decently dark ash, the flavor comes through nicely and melts into fairly stony effects. Slow, heavy and sleepy – Sherb Berry Push Pop produces pressure that starts in my eyes then flows through my jaw and down my neck.

Summary: This 4/20, Candy Coast’s Sherb Berry Push Pop was the best candy I’ve smoked and I have been admiring Surefire for a while. OG is My Oxygen and I grew out Masonic and Surefire’s Banana God Z3 last year and we couldn’t have been happier with the terp profile. Sherb Berry Push Pop is equally impressive, combining Sherbanger and RS11, two elite Sunset Sherbert crosses themselves.

Last night on Future Cannabis Project, we discussed how the indoor category seems promising at this year’s Emerald Cup, and in particular the Dessert Class, which is defined by a codominance of Caryophyllene and Limonene. Smooth, sweet and vaguely fruity – Sherb Berry Push Pop would be right at home in this category. Despite being microseeded, Sherb Berry Push Pop plainly tastes great, with a light blue Kool-Aid tinge to the classic Sherb profile.

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