S.D.Cookie.Jar – Red Velvet

Genetics: Lemon Cherry Gelato x (Pineapple Piss x Project 4516) [maybe]

Bag Appeal: The rich imperial purple bracts almost look like an organic red velvet batter made with beetroot. The Red Velvet from SD Cookie Jar is composed of massive conical nugs. While each bud is a bit stemmy, the dense bracts have an even surface that is adorned with a layer of massive sparkling trichomes. The orange pistils look striking against the solidly purple calyxes.

Aroma: SD Cookie Jar grows flower that smells overwhelmingly sweet. The Red Velvet has a traditional Gelato profile, with a warm pastry aroma. Leaning towards the equatorial side of GSC, there is a slightly astringent musk that almost reminds me of a red raisin. There are additional aggressive dryer-sheet floral notes.

Flavor: The Red Velvet is soapy, peppery and floral in a way that leans towards rose-water; aspects of the certain Gelato crosses of which I’m not particularly fond. Like everything I’ve tried from SD Cookie Jar, the level of execution is impressive and the sugary richness of the smoke is perfectly enjoyable. The slightly fruity smoke is so light and pleasant that the underlying potency almost caught me off guard. The Red Velvet is more spacey and creative than what I typically smoke, and the bright headchange lasts for hours. There is a bit of a physical crash, which gives the Red Velvet an engaging arc and makes it a fully satisfying smoke.

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