Black Leaf.La – Platinum GSC

Genetics: F1 Durban x OG Kush

Bag Appeal: Blackleaf’s Platinum GSC is extremely frosty. The lime green nugs are thoroughly coated in glistening trichomes. The swollen bracts give the tree-shaped nugs a rounded appearance, which plainly provides more surface area for resin production. Each bud is wonderfully sticky and properly cured without being too dry.

Aroma: The Platinum GSC has a peculiar sweetness that I’d liken to vintage leather. Where so many modern cultivars – often derived from Cookies – are selected for their bright and forceful aromas, the Platinum GSC is smooth and open. The backend of the aroma is earthy, but similarly refined.     

Flavor: I keep coming back to the idea that Blackleaf’s Platinum GSC tastes like an estate sale. The combination of a bland pastry, the fresh potpourri that accompanies a staged home, and the inevitable musk of mid-century furniture harmonize together beautifully and taste comforting, above all else. Bits of mint and honey offer sweetness and brighten the texture of the lusciously dense smoke. The Platinum GSC hits like a freight train with a deeply stoney and euphorically sedative set of effects.

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