Noboof.Ltd x B Eazy Buds 5.0 – Lemon Tree x Eddy Lepp OG  

Genetics: Lemon Tree x Eddy Lepp OG

Bag Appeal: Rarely does a strain have the gravity to make me stop everything I am doing and immediately go pick up. After a ton of anticipation and sky-high expectations, I maintained a reticent hope that the Lemon Tree x Eddy Lepp OG would be as good as the previous batch – my 2021 holiday season smoke of choice. The fern colored nugs are medium sized, with a varying coarse structure, and have an oily surface frost that gives the buds a contemporary look. The bronze pistils appear almost hidden beneath the overgrown brachts, creating a sort of uniformity within the breadth of texture. Recently I’ve been more acutely aware of trichome consistency, and the Lemon Tree x Eddy Lepp OG has a slick greasy feel, a far cry from kief on a leaf.

Aroma: Some terps require racking my brain to describe, while others make themselves instantly available for review. The Lemon Tree x Eddy Lepp OG falls into the latter camp, with a singular and well-defined lemon aroma that is as enjoyable as it is easy to place. While other lemon cultivars have traces of equatorial landrace funk, the Lemon Tree x Eddy Lepp OG juxtaposes the bright citrus against a clean creamy smell with traces of hindu gas, pointing to a more comfortable set of effects.     

Flavor: The Lemon Tree x Eddy Lepp OG is instantly and overwhelmingly delicious. With a near perfect burn, it tastes like a lemon bar, homemade by someone heavy handed with the citrus. A pleasant kush flavor provides a solid backbone and the smoke never gets harsh or ashy. The Lemon Tree x Eddy Lepp OG is mildly relaxing with a sort of care-free headchange, but lacks the earth shattering power that some of the Thai style lemon or traditional OG cultivars have to offer. While the effects are not as dramatic or dynamic as some of the work I’ve tried since the last batch, this batch of Lemon Tree x Eddy Lepp OG fully lived up to my expectations.

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