Loudthc Organics – Kosher Kush

Genetics: Unknown

Bag Appeal: The Kosher Kush from Loud THC Organics is some of the most resinous flower I’ve ever seen. The fairly large emerald green nugs stick together in a single mass, with the foxtailed bracts interlocking like hashy puzzle pieces. The sizable buds are caked in trichomes and their stacked structure allows for easy breakdown.   

Aroma: The nose on the Kosher Kush is aggressive and fairly one-note. Like a Chem 91, the Kosher Kush has a pungent gas smell that finishes with a chemical burn. The aroma is forcefully heady and has a sinus clearing quality that could rival any aromatherapy treatment.

Flavor: One of the purest expressions of the fuel terp profile I’ve encountered, the Kosher Kush has a cutting bitterness that feels like a sensory affront. Neither lemony or piney, the singular terp has a reverberating bite and impressive lung expansion, which sits in stark contrast to the effortlessly smooth inhale and exhale. The gas taste is so pronounced it almost veers into ink, which gestures towards the blissful and woozy effects. The Kosher Kush is relaxing and euphoric in equal parts – unproductive in the best of ways.

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