Dont Pvnic – Fruit Zoops

Genetics: Speaker Knockerz x Bebesita

Bag Appeal: Fruit Zoops has a striking quality where the violet and green tones of the nugs blend into a rich blueish gray. Delicately trimmed, there is a fair bit of indigo sugar leaf that is easy to pick away given the vertically stacked and slightly open bud structure of the Fruit Zoops. Bits of orange pistils are dwarfed by the meaty calyxes, indicating a well-finished run.

Aroma: After smelling the Fruit Zoops, I was instantly reminded of the reel where Dr. Dew mixed White Cherry Gatorade with very cold whole milk. Fruit Zoops does lean more towards fruit punch than it does cherry, but these notes get drowned out by an extremely smooth, creamy tone that reminds me of a sweet kush.

Flavor: Fruit Zoops is fairly subtle, but deeply interesting. The predominant notes are sugar and cream, in a way that reminds me of the best examples of Wedding Cake. Bits of dried apple and winter spice come through in bursts, while other moments taste more like a slightly bitter vanilla milkshake. The ash has a bit of salt and pepper, but the smoke itself is almost buttery and insanely smooth. The effects are very stoney and compellingly sedative and giggly.

Summary: Don’t Pvnic has been making waves all year. Their last batch of Pink Zebra was delicious and their Blue Ritz is one of the best smelling jars I’ve ever come across. This round, Don’t Pvnic released a series of new flavors, plus Baby Yoda for good measure, of which I was told Fruit Zoops was the best offering.

At first, the name seemed a bit misleading, as I was expecting a Zkittlez profile, but in reality the jar smells an awful lot like Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles cereal. The immediate aroma is sweet and creamy with a subtle tang that slightly gestures towards red Gatorade. As the resin builds, Fruit Zoops begins to taste like a milky kush, with a strong yeasted front-end and a pleasant lingering jet fuel note.
More like actual cereal milk than Cereal Milk, I suppose Fruit Zoops is aptly named. Some of the more charming and unchallenging smoke I’ve had in a while, Don’t Pvnic’s Fruit Zoops is really easy to enjoy.

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