You Know Was Good – Dirty Z

BACKGROUND: You know waz good is a partner of masonic smoker who operates his own design/build/cultivation consulting company called YKWG consulting. Together, they hunt and select genetics from seed, creating a menu rich in the amount of unique flavor profiles offered. The dirty Z is a cross between dirty sprite and Zskittlez hunted from seed and grown indoor with this batch using loose rock wool.

VISUALS: Z dominant traits with a light green exterior shade complimented by a few tightly trimmed dark green sugar leaves(which I love for cola appeal ) and a medium to average sized nug structure where the calyxes were each individually protruding out while covered by a layer of pearl white trichomes which gave a frosty sheen to the surface area of the buds then with a bunch of tangling light orange pistils on top.

SMELL: A nose reminiscent of those melted orange sherbert push pops from when I was a kid, like a rainbow sherbert ice cream sort of nose. A unique mix between that classic grapefruit Z smell and a sugary floral citrus note that becomes cloyingly sweet when broken down and intensifies even more when grinded. The best way to describe the smell was that nostalgia of walking into an ice cream shop as a kid on a hot summer day and smelling the kaleidoscope of semi-melted flavors melding as one into the nose.

TASTE & EFFECTS: On the dry pull the taste was a mirror of the smell and strong flavor present throughout the entire joint. The effects first took form in the dome as the front of the head and prefrontal cortex felt stimulated yet not heavy, the body felt light and also energized. The last quarter of the joint burned a little harsh on my throat but other than that the high was an all day sort of enjoyable smoke.

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