Cannabis Consistency – GMO x Sherb

BACKGROUND: Cannabis consistency was a brand I was introduced to at the San Diego cannabis farmers festival, one of the few but largest cannabis events in San Diego which allows the community to congregate together to sesh and enjoy good vibes with some of the 619’s finest. The SD Farmers festival was a blast and a great opportunity to see old friends, catch up and see plenty of fire (Instagram: _theranch, humminbirdhills, ecopiglabs and It was a pleasure to meet some new faces such as the passionate farmers behind this brand, Pau Hana Supply Co and many many more.

VISUALS: This GMO x sherb cross presents itself as light green with hues of purple traced into the sugar leaves and buds. A thick layer of already visible trichome coverage becomes blinding under light with light orange pistils peering out from each crevice. The structure leans towards the GMO with elongated stretchy bulbous brachts covered in resin.

SMELL: A GMO forward nose immediately greets the nostrils when the jar is first opened followed by wafting hints a creamy sweetness reminiscent of some of the best sherb I’ve tried. The overall amalgamation of scents creates a delightfully pungent nose and new spin to a classic that retains all of its flavors through a fine grind and a dry pull of the J.

TASTE & EFFECTS: The dry pull on the joint was an exact translation of the smell described above, the smoke itself took the best traits from Both strains such as the gassy spicy vegetal cookies-ish notes from the GMO and the sweet undertones from the sherb. What made this strain unique was that the cross was strong enough to forgoe that ever present overpowering veggie earth aftertaste that GMO is either loved or hated for, to me this flavor profile kept bringing me back to the best cart I’ve ever tried which was a coldfire live resin garlic juice cartridge, Similar to this strain I was expecting more of a savory Profile and instead got a unexpected completely sweet garlic juice profile that threw me for an enjoyable surprise. The strength of this flower is not for the beginning smoker with a steady yet calming full body high and dominant yet mellow head high that left me able to to process things and still continue about my day while being pleasantly stoned to the bone.

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