The Coastal Cake

COMPANY/ STRAIN INFO: Keeping it coastal is a farm and brand hailing from the Northern California coast. For those unfamiliar, keeping it coastal is renowned for their hash, and in doing so they drop a few pounds of their flower only once or twice a year making it a rare find. For those aware of the concept of terroir, it is a term from the wine world used to describe the unique soil, climate, natural organisms and topography of a region that contributes to the characteristics of anything grown there, and is the best way to describe the growing style of this group of cultivators. This strain is Coastal Cake, a wedding cake variation flowered for 80 days, fed only water, and greenhouse grown in native organic living soil from the north coast which to explain to the best of my knowledge is soil from that region amended organically and improved through the process of being used for multiple runs.

VISUALS: Right off the beat this cultivar had a super frosty and triched out appearance with each calyx defined individually, yet when combined creating a densely bundled nug structure that lied loosely almost like clumps of branches on a thick vine like stem. In terms of the color spectrum this was a candidate for the make green weed great again party with a lime green exterior and a dusting of light yellow/golden trichomes complete with a plentiful amount of dark golden brown pistils woven in and out of the buds.

SMELL: GMO terps never die which is why I was slightly confused when I opened this jar of wedding cake for the first time and smelled what seemed like one of the stinkiest jars of gmo I’d ever come across. Think stinky socks after the gym if they had been left composting in soil for a week. The addition of a vegetal (slightly sulfuric/earthy) scent gave this one a strong nose that gave all who smelled this jar a stank face in the best sort of way.

TASTE & EFFECTS: Like breathing air, no choke or harshness and the smoke and taste was unique, to describe it would as equal parts skunk and earthiness creating a situational balance in which neither dominated the other, melding to create a unique medical effect that manifested itself as a heavy high felt in the head that gave a weighted sensation and traveled through the rest of the body and made it easy to fall into the nearest couch and not want to move at all. On the mind it was a very stoney high onset with senses of relaxation and peacefulness. I found this cultivar to be great for sedation and on days when I wanted to slow my brain down after a busy day

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