SD Cookie Jar- E85

Genetics: Wedding Cake x Project 4516

Bag Appeal: Visually, the E85 from SD Cookie Jar has a goldilocks quality. The nugs have great color, but are not so aggressively purple that they seem artificial in any way. The various shades that range from lavender to violet are striking against the mint green of the inner bracts and sparkle from the trichomes. Each nug is medium-sized, with a round structure consisting of dense calyxes. The E85 is very sticky and breaks down like a perfectly dry molding sand.   

Aroma: There was a point in time when I earnestly loved Wedding Cake, and while it may be too soon for any meaningful nostalgia, the E85 absolutely evokes my fond, though often repressed, memories of that savory and sweet terp profile. The E85 is bolder than what I remember, with an intensified creamy cake batter aroma in place of the perfunctory yellow cake mix smell. A Bubba-leaning gas quality lingers in the background, adding complexity without being disruptive.

Flavor: The E85 does taste how one would expect given its genetics. Like many gas-forward Cookies-dominant crosses, the E85 is aggressively kushy and sweet. The inhale has a shade of ivory soap, which gives way to an expansive flavor that I’d liken to cake batter ice-cream doused in kerosine. SD Cookie Jar’s skillful touch brings the most out of a profile I typically find tired and clearly grows medicinal quality resin. The effects are pensive without being overstimulating and peaceful without being narcotic.

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