Relentless Melts – 5 Alive x Strawpicanna #3

Genetics: ((Bubblegum x Orange Juice) x Grape Pie) x (Trop Cookies x Strawnana)

Bag Appeal: As much as I try to discredit bag appeal, the 5 Alive x Strawpicanna #3 is idyllic flower. The medium-small nugs have a tight conical structure, with bulging bracts resulting in a swollen geometry. The overgrowth of trichomes gives the forest green nugs a platinum sheen, which plays nicely against the perfectly dried surface of each calyx. This level of execution would be exemplary by any standard, but is all the more impressive considering that hash, not flower, is the core competency of Relentless Melts.      

Aroma: The 5 Alive x Strawpicanna #3 has a refined and subtle smell that more closely resembles dry fruit than anything loud or raunchy. Peach, lemon, mango and black currant all come out in waves. The most recurrent and dominant notes are guava juice and grenadine, a concentrated sour ambrosia that is unlike any terp I’ve encountered.

Flavor: On the inhale, the 5 Alive x Strawpicanna #3 tastes like a Shirley Temple mixed with Guava shortbread cookies. As the flavor evolves, bits of cardamom and nutmeg provide the syrupy flavor some warmth, giving the smoke an interesting rolling dynamic. The effects are fairly light, with a comfortable headchange. The 5 Alive x Strawpicanna #3 is joyful and motivating, another notch in the belt of a very unique jar.

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