NorCal Nemo – Butter Pecan

Genetics: ❓⁉️❓

Bag Appeal: As much as I’ve earnestly come to believe that bag appeal is not particularly important, it’s a lot of fun to write about beautiful weed – and NorCal Nemo’s Butter Pecan may be the most dazzling flower on this page. The physical experience is like looking at a High-Times spread on steroids. The acutely swollen brachts are slathered in the largest trichomes I’ve ever seen, with a creamy depth visible to the naked eye. The tender trim is gorgeous and serves to preserve the trichomes, but results in sugar leaf making up a meaningful portion of each nug. The leafy bits give a defined visual accent to the best looking jar I’ve ever owned, but need to be smoked to avoid discarding a decent amount of NorCal Nemo’s coveted material.

Aroma: The nose on the Butter Pecan is as striking as its appearance, with an organic sweet yeast-like profile that I’ve only encountered a few times. An unctuous hazel-nut terp is readily available and an ever so-slightly lactic sour lingers in the back. The naturally sweet praline smell is pretty unique, and I understand why NorCal Nemo named this in-house cross Butter Pecan.

Flavor: The Butter Pecan really hits every mark, and the smoking experience may be its best quality. The inhale is like an exaggerated version of the aroma, both creamy and sweet in a comforting balance. The ash is peppered, which doesn’t mean a whole lot to me personally, but is still unexpected from one of the most hyped jars in existence.  A tart yogurt flavor blends in and gives the smoke a dynamic quality, which almost radiates potency. NorCal Nemo grows some of the most cerebral and exciting weed I’ve experienced, and the Butter Pecan is no exception. The forceful high combines a quivering couch-lock with a blissful and nearly psychedelic headchange that really represents the forefront of what resin can offer. Perfectly suited to be experienced with good friends, I’m always grateful to have the opportunity to smoke flower of this distinguished quality.

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