Khash Treemason – GMA’s Cookies

Genetics: Thin Mint x Platinum OG (maybe)

Bag Appeal: The GMA’s Cookies from Khash Treemason looks like the platonic ideal of the chemotype that has defined the cannabis landscape for over a decade. The masterfully trimmed tight nugs are composed of dense green bracts that are absolutely coated in a thick white layer of trichomes. Each calyx appears perfectly swollen and is unbelievably resinous when broken down.  

Aroma: Unlike the various fruit-forward cultivars I’ve preferred recently, the GMA’s Cookies has a traditionally dank smell. The sweet earthy profile has a profound richness and depth that transports me back to 2011. The aroma has a good bit of Chem to it, with an organic gasoline sting that gives an extra dimension to the fresh yeasted quality typical of GSC. Subtle and elegant, the GMA’s Cookies smells like weed in the best way possible.  

Flavor: The GMA’s Cookies has a reverberant musky taste that entrenches itself on one’s palate. The lush smoke is immediately potent and features the seeping mouthfeel typical of the best OGs. The flavor has elements of a properly baked french baguette, with a comforting maillard-like savory and sweet profile that is delicious. The gas gives the smoke an intoxicating bite that makes the GMA’s Cookies all the more enjoyable. The effects are as brilliant as everything else about the GMA’s Cookies, striking a dreamy balance between a pulsing and engaged head high and pure relaxation. As someone who started smoking in the late 2000s, the GMA’s Cookies is a near perfect example of the cannabis on which I was raised.

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