Khash Treemason – Cookie Dough

Genetics: Thin Mint Cookies s1 (2009)

Bag Appeal: The Cookie Dough from Khash is legendary as it is notorious and I haven’t been this anxious to write a review since the Blue Zushi. Right out of the jar, the cookie dough is impressive. You could make finger hash by rubbing the inside of the jar, but it honestly looks too good to touch. The oblong nugs are covered in a dense layer of trichomes that looks more like compacted snow than anything I’ve seen on flower. The sage green nugs look idyllic, with perfectly defined brachts that are almost comically swollen. Every detail, down to the amber pistils, are perfect. The Cookie Dough visually lives up to its reputation.  

Aroma: The smell is gassy and after @b_eazybuds5.0 mentioned it, the Cookie Dough absolutely smells like a sweet cream OGKB. An intoxicating vanilla gas wafts out of the jar, and a light lemon shortbread thing lingers in the background. The aroma is not particularly loud, but the subtlety is warm and inviting.

Flavor: The Cookie Dough is somehow delicious without being overwhelmingly flavorful. The smoke is uniquely smooth and effortless, with a luscious mouthfeel and density. Some of my favorite smoke can still bother my throat, while smoking Cookie Dough feels like drinking chamomile with honey. The flavor has a suggestion of gas, and closes with a stimulating marzipan note. The effects are incredible, in a very literal sense of the word. After two hits, I felt a dizzying headband sensation paired with a blissfully stoney headchange. After a long day smoking, the Khash got me noticeably higher, in a viscerally more full-bodied way. I’m often accused of being too nice, but I understand why this is considered some of the best weed in the world and absolutely agree.

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