Tap Out

Jinxproof Genetics

Gooberry x Juicy Fruit

Hello fellow weed nerd! This is my description of Tap Out, grown organically from seed by yours truly, Dank_. The plant ended up to be unique and a producer, exactly what the community has come to know from Jinxproof seeds. Below you will find a short break down of the sights, smells, and effect, from our spotlighted cannabis product.

 Visually, this phenotype of Tap Out shows a common Thailand squirrels tail structure that I would attribute to the crossed fathers lineage, Juicy Fruit.  Moving onto a closer look at our sample of Tap Out by Jinxproof you will find a noticeable amount of trichomes with a unique fluted bract and an abundance of burnt orange pistils covering the nug. 

As soon as I pop open the curing jar I am welcomed with a B+ Smoothie of tropical fruits, starting with a noticeable funky banana scent.  Then, after a second and third examination of the sample with a soft squeeze, my nose can detect the banana is accompanied by strawberry and mango. 

Moving on to the break up of this organically grown specimen of jinxpoof genetics the texture is cushy and thick. My finger tips are left sticky and my nose picks up an aroma of nutty creaminess or a squashed lady bug smell wafting up off the rolling tray. This selection broke up well by finger and was a pleaser to hand roll.

Sparking up the joint for the first time my pallet was surprised with a hint of gassy spray paint at first. After well into the first quarter of the joint the pleasant flavors of sweet white meat fruits like; apples, pears, and bananas. Notably the high hits heavy in the eyes first. Effects are similar to putting a soothing steamed cloth over the forehead. Tap Out leaves the common weed nerd uplifted and motivated. The strong smoke that is not harsh leaves your mouth coated with flavor like a peanut butter banana sandwich.   

Make sure you stay tuned for a continued report on the second Gooberry phenotype of Tap Out. 

pic by dank_311

“It went well sir, made me a little tired but I liked it”

“I liked the taste”

Justin B.

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